Technical Guidance

Technical Guidance

We have life-long experience of the industry in-house and are more than happy to assist you with technical advice regarding choice of saw blade, area of use, material etc. We optimize the customer’s sawing process and cutting result by offering the correct saw blade according to the customer’s specific needs. In order to help us, we have an optimization program that takes things such as cutting speed, feed motion and other cutting data into consideration. This together with our expert knowledge within the areas of cutting, splitting and panel sizing enables us to offer the optimal saw blade to the customer. Do not hesitate to contact us!!

Construction and technical preparation

Swedex designs and transmits customer requirements, specific requirements and machine technical conditions and then prepares drawings and  production documentation. The blade production number is the blade’s identity and gives us full information in the future, regarding dimensions, cutting geometries and tolerances tension images and flatness.


Resharpening and reparation

For resharpening and repairing of saw blades we refer you to our very competent resellers (grinding stations).