About Us

About us

Swedex develops and produces saw blades – both standard and variants as special saw blades for unique customer applications. With life-long experience in the industry we are able to help you select the correct saw blade with respect to your specific preferences and usage. We are more than happy to answer questions and assist with technical advice. Do not hesitate to contact us !!!

Mission and Vision

Swedex develops, manufactures and markets circular saw blades for the global wood, aluminium, plastic and metal processing industry.
Swedex aim is to be a leading manufacturer of circular sawblades through high expertise and customised solutions. This, together with a focus on improving performance and quality, will result in increased pro tability for our customers. Through close and personal collaboration with our customers, Swedex develops & creates value in their selected product areas.

We will lead the development of circular sawblades for all applications by:

Investing in the development of skills within our business together with the pursuit of issues of quality, safety and care for our environment.

Maintaining an interesting and secure workplace and ensuring the safety and care of our employees.

Working with enthusiasm, passion and respect for the individual.

Swedex vision is to lead the development of solutions with a focus on speciality and customised solutions for the global industry in wood-, aluminium-, plastic- and metal processing.

Per Johansson, CEO