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What can I do to obtain a better cutting surface finish?

-Choose a saw blade with more teeth.
-Use a higher peripheral speed.
-Select a saw blade with different tooth shape.
-Check flanges and distances.
-Condition of the spindle bearings.

The blade is very noisy, especially when idling, why?

-The blade goes into oscillation (self-vibration).
-Change number of teeth and diameter.
-Adjust the speed of revolution if possible.
-You can also choose a sound absorbing saw blade.
-A coating of sound absorbing material on the inside of the safety cover.

How to avoid chip outs on the bottom side of the material?

-Use a saw blade with more teeth.
-The saw blade is positioned too high above the material.
-Some special grindings and angles may help.

Why does the saw blade wobble when warm?

-During cutting the saw blade becomes warm, especially in the periphery, which
causes the blade to expand and stretch. We can add slots for improved blade
properties to meet a specific customer’s needs.

How to avoid the blade chopping when cutting aluminum?

-When using manual feed, a negative hook angle results in a softer cut.
-Positive hook angle is recommended if automatic feed is used. A blade with more
teeth results in a softer cutting.

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