Express Manufacturing

Express service for you

Swedex manufactures high quality blades for the efficient processing of almost all applications. If you don’t find the blade that you are looking for, then we are able to manufacture customised blades to suit your needs.
Please contact your reseller for assistance in finding the ultimate solution for your needs.

As a Swedex customer you will benefit from our combined knowledge and flexible production, and we can ”Express” your order through our system if the situation demands.

Surcharge for special saw blades

Surcharge when ordering special saw blades.  If the diameter is between two standard sizes the costs of the larger one is charged. Extra work such as screw holes, cutouts etc. is charged extra for and so is material costs in excess of standards.

No of blades:

Express production

Special saw blades can be manufactured within one working day. The surcharge is per order. Maximum 10 saw blades. For one-day delivery we must receive your order before lunch time 12.00 the day before.

  • The diameter is 500 mm or bigger.
  • The no. of teeth is more than 100 per saw blade.
  • The steel body is 4,1mm or thicker.
  • The saw blade has more than 2 wiper slots.

In these cases the surcharge for express production is valid for a maximum of 5 saw blades.

Enlarging of centre bores

If no saw blades with desired centre bore is avaliable from stock please contact your reseller for the best solution.

Adjustments of saw blades

Standard saw blades could have their rake angle and kerf adjusted. They can also be equipped with pinholes, keyways etc. The price listed in the table below is per saw blade:

Keyway (1-2 pcs)
Pin hole (1-4 pcs)
Reduced kerf
Changed top level
Changed rake angle (reduced)
Reduced diameter
Fixed cost + variable cost per reduced mm

Adding screw holes

Surcharge per blade, based on the number of screw holes per blade and the number of blades.